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Nutella coffee (at Rekindle)

Buying for office. For clients who don’t pay on time :p

JD shots anyone? #drinkingonthejob

This just in. #gphone

Le hawt sistas @fatspooncafe @stitstit_chelle @lisspong

One door from Westin where I need to go and it pours like this. Fabulous. (at JW Marriott)


The big guns from RedOne and HP. #HPSlate6 #RedONE

RedONE (formerly RedTone Mobile) CEO Farid Yunus on his opening keynote. (at RedONE)

HP Slate 6 VoiceTab 1.2Ghz quad core (Marvell), dual-SIM, 5MP main camera, 6” HD display, Android 4.2.2. Only RM999. With RedONE plan, get a RM120 rebate.

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