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All geared up for Computex Taipei. #computex2014 #intel

Happy birthday @san220478 (at Dou Yuan Typica 豆原)

Siphon in process (at Dou Yuan Typica 豆原)

Coffee tasting with Typica. There will be Ethooian and Peaberry in 3 different prep. Surprise party for birthday boy @san220478. Well done @shingie, Joanna, @alvlkn (at Dou Yuan Typica 豆原)

Scammers are everywhere. A Nigerian with a Chinese name who wants to buy one of my Sony lenses. Awesome. Should just ask him to COD. But oh, he’s supposedly in UK. Pfftt.

Catching The Verge’s review of the Surface 3 Pro. It’s brilliant. #Emagine #Microsoft

Finally getting Canonised. Saving up for that Sigma f/2.8 fast lens.

Fabulousness. Broken Surface 2 charger. *cries

Why just be ok and mediocre when you can be great? This is Maxis’ new journey both internally and externally, to be simply better. You will see Lat’s awesome work in the external campaign. It’s cute. Visit the Maxis Centre @KLCC and you’ll notice a new customer experience, too. A positive first step :)

My classic beef burger at Awesome Canteen (awesome beef patty hidden by awesome extra egg). Burp. (at Awesome Canteen)

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